1977 Establishment with main production on electric control cabinets. 

1985 Introduced Japan made AMADA hydraulic bending machine RG-80 x1

1986 Introduced Japan made AMADA hydraulic stamping machine D750 x1  

1988 Introduced Japan made AMADA hydraulic stamping machine PAG357 x1

1991 Inauguration of new building where current company locates. It is to produce sheet metal products. 

1992 Introduced Japan made AMADA hydraulic bending machines RG-80 x1 & RG-40 x1

1994 Introduced 2000W Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutting machine x1

1994 Designed and develped a set of 18-layer automatic sheet metal plates storage system to improve the efficiency of laser cutting process

1995 Introduced Japan made AMADA hydrauclic bending machines RG-80 x1 RG-40 x1

1996 Introduced 1600W Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutting machine  x1 

1997 Inauguration of SJ Kitchen sink plant. SJ expands its production scales next to current location to produce Western style kitchen sinks.   

1998 Introduced Osaka  robotic arm with semi-auto handling x1 

1999 Introduced 600 ton Chunmu hydraulics forming machine x1 to upgrade Sj's manufacturing level in Western style water siinks. 

2001 Inauguration of SJ high pricision metal plant that is expanding at its current location in order to explore overseas business. 

2002  Export BBQ burners, stainless steel tool box, as well as water sinks. 

2002  Introduce Japan made AMADA FBD server hydraulic bending machine x1 

2002 Introduce Japan made AMADA King hydraulic stamping machine x1 

2002 Introduce 3000W Swiss made Bystronic Sprint CO2 laser cutting machine x1 

2004  Introduced ERP management system

2005 Introduced Osaka  Automatic Welding Robatic Arm x1  

2009 Introduced SolidWorks 3D drawing software to enhance drawing capability of SJ engeering team.

2009 Introduced German made 3200W TRUMPF TruLaser3030 x1

2010 Introduced Japan made AMADA HDS 1303 server hydraulic bending machine x1

2011 Introduced German made 3200W TRUMPF TruLaser3030L20 x1

2013 Introduced Japan made AMADA HDS 2204 server hydraulic bending machine x1

2014 Introduced Osaka  Automatic Welding Robatic Arm x1  

2014 Introduced German made 3200W TRUMPF TruBend5085 x1

2014 Introduced Italy made GECAM G-11 three stages surface grinder x1 

2014 Indtroduced ISO 9001 Quality System

2015 Strategic Cooperation or investment to foring/casting/Powder Metal companies.  

2016 Introduced Japan Amada Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machine LC 2515 C1 AJ x 1